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san francisco and 62 to 68. the smoke still coming from the rim fire and we will talk about that in a minute but, first, over to leyla gulen. welcome back, leyla. >> good to be back. we have a quiet start to our work day and work week commute. at oakland, we have a big problem so if you are headed to or from the oakland airport you are going to be seeing plenty of slow downs with lanes bottlenecked down to one or two lanes in both directions northbound and southbound. that is where you will see construction crews. other than that, the nimitz is moving along pretty well. our bay bridge toll plaza shows construction with lanes closed already and cash-paying lanes loaded up. the bay bridge will close on wednesday night with the details
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coming up. over to you. >> turning to our developing news story a wildfire continues to rage near yosemite national park and 144,000 acres have burned since the fire began last week. right now it is only 7 percent contained. the fire has destroyed two dozen buildings. berkeley's family camp has been destroyed. >> the fire has exploded in size and now burned 203 square miles, the size of the city of chicago and left one camp in the bay area in ruins. the rim fire is only 7 percent contained and 2,500 firefighters are battling the blaze. sunday's strong winds pushed the monster fire closer to the northwest edge of yosemite national park. we can see the fire damage to the family camp owned by the city of berkeley, which near
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groveland suffered extensive damage. campers were evacuated on tuesday. thousands of rural homeowners have been forced to leave as the fire moves closer. >> it is sad. you cry and laugh. you never think you will be in this situation. when you watch other people on tv you can't help, and then it hits home. i'll be a volunteer. >> evacuation advisory has been issued for folks living in this area east of highway 108. highway 120, into yosemite national park, remains closed. another berkeley camp is not in the line of fire despite rumors it burned. >> san francisco camp posted a facebook damage saying the fire spread to the edge of of the
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camp but there is only "minor" damage. >> the fire is three miles from a reservoir from san francisco gets it water and a small portion of the electricity. so far the water remains clear and crews are monitoring a hydroelectric power station fed by the reservoir. the city is buying replacement activity from other sources. stay with abc7 news for continuing coverage of the fire and we will update you all morning and bring any major developments. you can get updates on and twitter@abcnewsbayarea. >> the bay bridge is ready to close this week to prepare for the opening of the new eastern span after labor day. no traffic will be allowed on the bridge for five days starting wednesday night at 8:0 p.m. crews will align both ends of the span with better state 80 and stripe the lanes. contractors will finish the westbound lanes from the toll
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plaza to the span. the new bridge will open tuesday morning september 3. three toll lanes were closed to build a fast help track only lane for the new bridge which will re-open at 5:00 a.m. this morning or less than half an hour from now. you can see how close the new bay bridge is to opening by checking out the construction camera on under "see it on tv" with information on the extra service that bart, act tran it, and san francisco bay ferry office and we will notify our twitter followers when the bridge opens. you can follow us at abc7 news bay area. >> two motorcycle riders are of rolling from injuries from a terrifying lung off a road in los gatos. you can see the motorcycle being pulled up an embankment near the reservoir. the highway patrol says the motorcycle tumbled 20' to 30' and the riders suffered minor injuries. >> two children and two adults
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are in the hospital after a shooting in oakland. shell casings of coulded the pavement yesterday. police say someone opened fire into a crowd of people yesterday afternoon. police closed off an eight-block area and searched for the gunman who got away. all victims will survive. the two children hit by gunfire are eight and 12. >> this were two homicides after being shot at 11th and d street yesterday morning. there are no descriptions of the person or people responsible. >> the san lenadro police department issued a silver alert for an 81-year-old man considered "at risk." the man was last seen yesterday morning on brook side drive and is an avid walker and walked from san lenadro to the san mateo bridge in the past. he is 5' 4" and weighs 150
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pounds. he is wearing a black sweatshirt. >> man who calls antioch home will be awarded the medal of honor from president obama. the 33-year-old staff sergeant learned last if he was going to receive the highest military army. three years ago he braved enemy fire, twice, to save a fellow soldier and found an abandoned radio in the "kill zone" and used it to call support. we talked to his dad when he found out. >> this is braggin' rights. as a dad, yeah, you don't get that very often. >> there are not a lost fathers that can claim they have been able to go through this. >> carter is only the 5th living recipient of the medal of honor awarded for service in iraq and afghanistan. >> we check with mike nicco for
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the weather forecast. >> we have smoke in yosemite national park and this is yesterday's visible satellite and a picture of the smoke coming out of the forest from 23,000 miles out. the brighter areas are the cloud tops. the smoke has a much grayer tint and browner tint. the clouds faded yesterday and will do the same yesterday. we start off with clouds. some minor drizzle. temperatures in the upper 50's to low 60's. at noon, 74 and 66 at the bay. by 4:00 we are close to average with sunshine and holes of sunshine developing on the coast. 84 inland and 64 at the cost and everyone ought to get comfortable tonight with low-to-mid 60's around the bay and the coast and mid-to-upper 70's inland the next three days quiet. we will jump up two to four degrees and return to seasonal
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temperatures wednesday and thursday. leyla gulen? >> we have a problem reported in sonoma county as we take you over to 121 at wagner road we have a report of a crash out here and someone was reportedly bleeding. an ambulance will be called to the scene. so far we do not have lane block averages or delays northbound and southbound. in highway 4 we have top speeds from antioch to pittsburg and to bay point. you clear into concord and hercules. this is the drive along 101 southbound with headlights toward us are into central san rafael, accident-free and no construction. >> the america's cup showdown is set next. which international team will
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challenge the united states for san francisco bay? >> u.n. inspecters try to get to the bottom of a chemical weapons attack. >> the 197th edition of the farmer's only -- almanac. >> tesla is outselling ten makes including cadillac, cries her, audi, mercedes but only offers one model for $62,000! at the box office a win for "the butler," taking in $17 million. the comedy "we are the millers" was next at 2nd. >> subway will offer sandwiches on garlic bread but not available cross the country until
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>> covering daly city, dublin, los gatos and all bay area this is abc7 news. >> this week marks the 50th anniversary of the 1963 march on washington, dc, and dr. martin luther king's "i have a dream" speak. president obama will speak at the "let freedom risk" on the steps where dr. king spoke. >> u.n. inspectors are on the way to investigate an alleged chemical attack. it is not clear if the team is heading to a suburb of damascus where it happened. opposition leaders say up to 1,300 people were killed by the alleged chemical weapons. the syrian government denies claims they used the poison but a senior white house official says there is very little doubt. the united states and allies are
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building a case for action including cruise missile strikes against target in the assad regime. >> hope francis is urging the international community to increase efforts to end syria's civil war saying that he is disturbed bit images. he is expressing solidarity for the victims of the war especially the children. >> a western pennsylvania county is considering the possibility of extending a public trail system to the flight 93 national memorial honoring the passengers and crew of united flight 93 killed when the plane bound for san francisco crashed into a field on september 1, 2001. the passengers including bay area resident, fought back against hijackers whose intended target was believed to be the united states capitol. officials want to make the memorial more accessible to the public by linking the bicycle trail north to the memorial.
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>> emirate team new zealand will challenge oracle for the america's cup capturing the challenger series yesterday. abc7 news reporter has more from the park. >> the team new zealand faced off against italy's team for the final time. in the end, the kiwis were heed as they were for most of the series of the louie vuitton spectacular. new zealand advanced to america's cup taking on oracle team usa. the managing direct stressed how important it is for them to win. >> my granddad said never start a speech with an apology. the only reason we are in san francisco is to take the cup away.
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>> relations between team new zealand and oracle team usa have been tense and was worse when team new zealand accused oracle of cheating for illegally modifying the boats dump the warmup. enthusiasts say it will be a great matchup. >> the teams will both put up a good fight but i think we have a good shot. >> oracle has their work cut out for them, to be sure, but we always have to root for the americans. >> the mc's cup begins accept 7. the best of 17 series takes place over two weeks. if san francisco for abc7 news. >> less pain at the pump the average cost of grip has fall were four cents a gallon the past two weeks, with prices down 20 cents since this time last year and the average nation-wide price for a gallon of gas is
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$3.56, but higher in california at $3.81 and lower prices at the pump are largely due to good domestic supplies and reducing higher foreign oil prices. >> the farmer office only -- farmer's almanac is predict the first outdoor super bowl if years will be a mess at the stadium in new jersey, with the secret formula based on planet position, sunspots and lunar cycles and claims to be protect 80 percent of the time. >> what do you think? >> sure. they use different, a lot different things that we use every day because they trying to
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predict out months ahead. it is a different science but there is some merit. i like reading. >> diplomatic. well drop, sir! >> now, visibility right now is fairly unlimited. we do have a low ceiling but not much fog but in santa rosa the visibility is five miles. as far as our temperatures we will start in san francisco if you are headed in town we are 57 in forest hill and portrero hill and 59 at ocean beach. everyone else is 60 whether it is across across-the-board -- golden gate bridge and low-to-mid 60's with a town of humidity and that is out there with pleasanton 62 and santa clara and saratoga and palo alto and belmont. petaluma is a cool spot and half moon bay at 59. from our roof camera you can see the flags blowing on the exploritorium and they blowing a
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little bit more from the south than out of the west and we have a nice sea breeze. afternoon sun, almost average highs and we will have clouds and patchy drizzle but as much as we are having this morning and the key rim fire i hope nothing else develops and it has its own weather system because of the heat, with more storms possible in the sierra this week >> cloud cover is extensive from now through 7:00 and you can see it pushing into the central valley ever so briefly and by 11:00 the inland neighborhoods are cleared out and by the afternoon we will have a few holes in the cloud cover at the coast. now, as far as our temperatures, you can see we are 82 in san jose which is in the middle from the upper 70's for mid-80's and low-to-mid 60's along the cost. near 70 in downtown and south san francisco and sausalito is 72, and mid-80's through the
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north bay valleys and mid-to-upper 70's most mades and richmond is 68, and east bay valley or low-to-mid 80's. the seven-day forecast temperature jumps up a couple of degrees and we lose a few degrees on wednesday, thursday, the pattern is steady and we have more cooling for friday, saturday, and sunday. leyla gulen? >> we are getting more clarification on this accident on highway 121 there are lanes blocked at wagner road. we do not have slow downs in the area and it is early in the morning. this is where the accident is located south of highway 12. watch out you may want to give yourself a few extra minutes. highway 24 from walnut creek right into the tunnel you have top speeds and clear conditions. if you need to make it to oakland you are this good shape. 580 from tracy to dublin is a
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short 28-minute commute highway 4 from antioch to concord is 15 minutes and 101 southbound from san rafael to the city is 16 minutes. and macarthur maze and i-80 westbound those are the tail lights making it to 580 and everything is at top speeds and what lies ahead, that will slow you down with a couple of lanes blocked on the bay bridge. >> back to school today for students in oakland and that means alarm clocks are set. you can down lows the free alarm clock smartphone app to start your day right with traffic and radar. visit >> donald trump is accused of running a phony real estate school that bilk the students. it is claimed it operated for six years without a license and the school recruited 5,000 students, promising them secrets
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to becoming rich like the donald if they spent up to $35,000 and describes trump university as a bait and switch scheme. >> they were fleeced, they were taken, convinced by persuasive speakers and videos of turn, but they did not get any secrets or any mentorship. they didn't get anything. >> trump responded by tweeting "lightweight new york attorney general is trying to extort me with a civil lawsuit." >> it will to come, babies in the womb may remember a lot more than you think coming up a new study that may have a lot more mothers-to-be singing away. >> how much would you pay to keep crying children away from you on your next flight? the airline that is giving yo
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>> a e-mail thief can be identified from this that
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happened last wednesday. the man on the bicycle reaches into the box and takes the contents. the victim is on the east side of highway 80 if richmond and has a home surveillance video. >> you may be used to paying extra to check your bags or enjoy a meal but now an airline will take more of your money so you can sit in a child-free zone. scoot is an off shoot of sipping -- singapore airlines and will charge $14 to guarantee passenger seats in an area off limits to kids under 12. the airline calls it "scoot in silence." >> well, having flown a few times myself i can tell you that sound travels so they can say they put you in a safe zone but you will hear it. >> you feel terribly for parents because you know you will be one, some day to day. >> been there, done that, and so has mike nicco. >> screaming kid on the plane? doesn't bother me at all. you ignore that like anything
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else. >> i can tune it out because i have been through it and you develop selective hearing. >> our 24 hour change santa rosa will be three degrees warmer today at 83 and concord at 85. if you liked yesterday, custody a carbon city. san francisco is one degree cooler and oakland is 74 and fremont is 75. the moisture left over from tropical systems to our south, this is what will back its way up the sierra and bring another fire threat and locally gusty wind and the possibility of heavy rain and flooding in those areas that have just burned so that is later on in the week tuesday and wednesday. today in yosemite national park and tahoe, just a lot of smoke. 93 and seven-day forecast and upper 80's in chico and sacramento to 85 with clouds in los angeles. leyla gulen? >> we have construction project that will last until 5:00 this
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morning. this is in oakland, along the nimitz, both in the northbound and southbound direction. this is where we have a big, big project. certainly cannot avoid the project or ignore it. right now we are looking at traffic that is just bottlenecking both in the northbound and southbound direction between embarcadero and high street so you are going to see construction crews for a little while longer and they should pick things up as we speak. this is going to be the drive through walnut creek in the southbound direction 680 away from highway 4 to the 24 junction you are looking clear. >> thanks, at 4:5. two neurosurgeons have resigned their positions after university investigation found they violated the school's code of conduct much the surgeons had infacted brain cancer paints with bowel bacteria trying to save their lives thinking it could stimulate the immune system to fight the cancer.
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all get their approval for the treatment. >> breast feeding moms worried about the effect of medicine on their babies, an official statement has been issued staying most medicines are safe for breast-feeding moms to take because only very small amounts of the chemicals actually end up in breast milk. the statement goes on to say that it is usually okay for mothers-to-be vaccinated while breast feeding. >> early education can never start too soon even in the womb. researchers found baby remembers what they hear before they are born in a small study 33 pregnant women researchers played the fake word to half of the mother's belly and found the ones who heard the fake word had increased brain activity which could shape owe speech is wired in the britain. >> a wildfire cut as path of destruction.
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the summer camp with ties to the bay area is rubble this morning. this is video only on abc7 news. >> the new challenge facing san francisco's proposed arena for the goalen state warriors. they could be playing in oakland
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>> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> good morning monday. i am kira klapper. >> first up we check on the monday morning weather forecast. mike? >> we will start off by talking about what is going on with live doppler 7 hd. it is quiet. you can see the cloud cover. we had a little drizzle on the windshield today across the bay area b

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